LinkedIn Case Study

What is LinkedIn? LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional social network, is a site that provides the ability for professionals, both at home, remote, or in a professional setting, to connect with other professionals in all fields.  This social networking site allows users to use their connections to make new ones that would potentially pave the … More LinkedIn Case Study

LinkedIn’s Impact

How LinkedIn Has Changed the Space of Professional Networking: Since its introduction into the modern, technological world, LinkedIn has proven to change the space of professional networking. Its dependability has allowed companies to be viewed more positively and less intrusive. In an interview with Business Insider, LinkedIn’s Executive Editor, Dan Roth, explains that LinkedIn is … More LinkedIn’s Impact

An Introduction to the Space

This space is designed to explore the professional marketing field and how new, innovate technologies have changed the business.  In specific, LinkedIn, the popular website and application used to manage professional profiles and network, will be the primary focal point.  Overall, I will be talking about how LinkedIn has impacted the ability to skillfully network. … More An Introduction to the Space